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XStatus Notify

XStatusNotify plugin for Miranda IM.
(c) Dmitry Chervov aka Deathdemon.

This plugin shows a notification when someone in your contact list changes his ICQ/Jabber custom status message. Note that it performs different functions than StatusNotify plugin does.

To work properly, XStatusNotify requires Popup or YAPP plugin and Miranda 0.7.
Though, XStatusNotify should work partially starting from Miranda, its proper operation with Miranda older than 0.7 isn't guaranteed.
The most probable issue with old Miranda builds is a garbled xstatus text in history and message log, or no text at all, despite it was enabled in the options. This is not a bug; just make sure that you have the newest Miranda and history/messaging plugins (TabSRMM/Scriver/SRMM, History++, possibly IEView, etc.).

If you can't / don't want to update your Miranda, you can use an older XStatusNotify build (v0.1.1.0) that uses old API and therefore will work with older Miranda builds:
http://dmitry.ch/projects/archive/XStatusNotifyW_build40.zip (Unicode; Windows XP/2000/NT)
http://dmitry.ch/projects/archive/XStatusNotify_build40.zip (ANSI; Windows 95/98/ME)

To notify of jabber moods, XStatusNotify requires Jabber plugin v0.7.0.14 or newer.

The plugin supports per-contact notification setting. There are two ways to use it: either by using ContactSettings plugin that adds a GUI to easily modify this setting, or by modifying the database directly:
Contact/XStatusNotify/Notify (BYTE) =
 0 - completely disable notifications for this contact
 1 - show notifications always except when XStatus notifications are disabled globally
 2 - show notifications always, even when XStatus notifications are disabled globally
 3 (default) - use global filtering settings


v0.3.1.7 (build 231; Jan 12, 2008)
 - workaround for contact lists bug with multiple submenu items when using a localization file

v0.3.1.6 (build 224; Jan 2, 2008)
 - some improvements of the heuristic filtering algorithm
 - added an item to the Popups submenu of the main menu to toggle xstatus notifications

v0.3.1.5 (build 217; Oct 18, 2007)
 - fixed a possible hang-up on receipt of a message when logging to message window is enabled

v0.3.1.3 (build 214; Oct 17, 2007)
 - some minor bugfixes and a fix for absence of notifications sometimes

v0.3.1.2 (build 212; Oct 16, 2007)
 - added support for new ICQ event, ME_ICQ_CUSTOMSTATUS_CHANGED
 - many improvements in xstatus change detection algorithm
 - made XSN log xstatus changes on opening message window _before_ new messages from contacts, when possible
 - rewrote code to generate notifications' text
 - ContactSettings API change
 - other minor changes

v0.3.1.1 (build 200; Sep 15, 2007)
 - fix for msvcr71.dll dependency
 - fixed effect of "Enable logging to message window" checkbox and per-contact settings for message log notifications

v0.3.1.0 (build 195; Sep 14, 2007)
 - added Miranda 0.8 support. XSN interface is {8E244CC0-74C0-485B-A78A-737A99D96C4B}
 - moved logging features to a separate plugin - LogService
 - implemented heuristic filtering of notifications, mainly to filter Watrack notifications, but it also works good for other automatic xstatus changes
 - added support for jabber moods (requires Jabber plugin v0.7.0.14)
 - added support for 5 more xstatuses of ICQ Plus mod
 - added per-contact setting to turn notifications on/off and support for ContactSettings plugin
 - added options to log xstatus changes to message window and to history
 - added an option to filter out notifications on connect
 - some other improvements

v0.1.1.0 (build 40; May 1, 2006)
 - unicode support

v0.1.0.9 (build 32; Feb 14, 2006)
 - minor fix for the popup icon

v0.1.0.8 (build 31; Feb 14, 2006)
 - added support for XStatus API

v0.1.0.7 (build 29; Feb 12, 2006)
 - added support for 3 new xstatuses

v0.1.0.6 (build 28; Dec 9, 2005)
 - added support for 5 new xstatuses
 - fixed untranslatable xstatus names

v0.1.0.5 (build 27; Nov 3, 2005)
 - I hope this was the last fix for metacontacts :)

v0.1.0.4 (build 25; Nov 2, 2005)
 - fix for metacontacts (again)
 - increased notification delay to prevent double notifications

v0.1.0.3 (build 24; Nov 1, 2005)
 - logging
 - Updater plugin support
 - (hopefully) proper Metacontacts support
 - added translation file
 - some minor fixes

v0.1.0.2 (build 18; Oct 31, 2005)
 - First public release.

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